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We are a team of young multidisciplinary creatives that creates meaningful and effective things.

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We help brands to develop their businesses on a larger scale by using digital technology to promote their products locally and internationally.

Our Mission is to produce high quality and progressive contents that give positive impacts

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Media Production

We translate ideas into effective digital products that clearly communicate messages of our customers. Amazing contents which are beautifully executed has a power that truly engages viewers. Here is where we work with our multidisciplinary photography expertise that is combined with creative skills.


Video Production

Art Direction

Creative writing


Branding represents your business and company personality. The branding must portray your company’s identity.

Brand identity

Graphic design

Brand Messaging

Visual language

Product Development

We live in a digital world. A website is one of the digital applications that everyone looks for. A website is your online identity. Every time people want to know and search for your company, they will visit your website. They can get more information about your company, products and services you provide, contacts, and locations.

Website design & development


Mobile & Web App Development

Digital Marketing

Using SEO will help you to increase more visitors to your website. Your website will be placed on the first page of Google Search. You can obtain more profit with it.

Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media Management

Campaign Development

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Media production

Commercial Photography







The Role of Commercial Photography for a Successful Business Promotion

An image can convey a message more precisely by collaborating it with the right writing. It seems familiar to see a promotion carried out by companies and SMEs businesses that use photography as their main material. Social media, which are accessible and inexpensive are indeed contributing to business people for promoting their products. Basically, online social media publish visual images, texts, and videos as their foremost focus. To create social media contents more interesting and attractive, you can hire a professional commercial photographer as a solution.

The Role of Commercial Photographers Can Convey Good Quality

Professional commercial photographer services for a company’s business promotion success can no longer be underestimated. Considering that modern businesses run rapidly, we must prepare good promotional channel in order to stand out among other competitors. Food, furniture, and fashion products, as well as architecture, interiors and other enterprises, require quality and attractive photo materials. In order to save time and effort, you as an entrepreneur or a company owner can use the services of a professional photographer and trusted agency.

Commercial Photography Category

Advertising Photography

This photography is published for magazine advertisements, online promotions, billboards, posters and other printed promotional media. Advertising photography is used to promote brands, products, services or an individual person through printed or digital media.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is a process of taking pictures from the air. The means used are planes, helicopters, or drones.

Architectural & Interior Photography

It is a photography that takes interior and exterior of a house, a corner of a room, a restaurant, or a building structure as the major object of the shot. It takes creativity and expertise in lighting techniques in capturing beautiful pictures of the interior as well as exterior of a space. This kind of photography is applied in the promotion of hotels, villas, cafés, restaurants, offices, houses, and the like.

Food Photography

Today food businesses are growing fast. Therefore, the need for photographers in this field is expected to increase. So that, food photography, which creates food or drinks as a central object can be recognized as a special commercial photography. The purpose of this photography is to promote a kind of food or drink to the public. The skills needed are how to set light properly, use interesting compositions, and arrange food or drinks to make it look appetizing.

Jewelry Photography

Photographers for jewelry must have a special ability in terms of detail. They have to be able to show the beauty and uniqueness of the jewelry you want to display. Their work will be used for publication in brochures, advertisements and social media.

Product Packaging Photography

This kind of photography is used for certain product packaging, CD and DVD covers, labels and instruction manual.

CREATIVE AGENCY Jogja, Solo Indonesia



A logo that describes a brand.

Visual appearance, including product design, packaging, uniformity, etc.

Spokesperson, could be carried out by co-founders, mascots, and brand ambassadors.

A tone or a song, as a brand icon.



Branding is a process to give value to an organization, company, product or service by creating and making a brand embedded in the minds of consumers. It can be achieved by a series of strategies developed by the company to assist people in identifying and using the product brands. Also, branding provides a strong reason for consumers to choose a certain product. A successful branding strategy is also enhancing the company’s reputation.


Brand is an identity or a name that represents a product, including its value, benefits, and the company that produces it. A brand can be a name, slogan, symbol, design, or a combination of these four elements. A brand is created by a company with the aim of distinguishing one product from other products (competitors). To introduce a brand of a product to the public, the company do branding.

Types of Branding

Product Branding

Product branding is the most common type applied in business. You can see it through social media, TV, newspapers, radio, and other advertising platforms.

Personal Branding

This type of branding can be done by everyone. In short, personal branding is the process which a person does branding about himself/ herself. In addition, personal branding is done by how the person builds an image of himself/ herself to their target audience.

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding aims to promote a company through its values, vision-mission, and work ethic which are clearly implemented in operating activities.

Geographical Branding

Geographical branding is done by companies to show the beauty, excellence, and uniqueness of a region. Its aim is to encourage people to visit certain areas.


Co-Branding is a type of branding that is carried out by companies in collaboration with other brands to expand the intended target consumer.

Purpose of Applying Branding

Branding is executed by companies with the purpose of encouraging people to buy certain products or use the services offered. Basically, branding is not just to encourage people to buy goods or services, but to shape public perceptions and build trust. When people have a positive perception and have a strong belief in a brand, they will tend to repurchase the product or service in the future. Moreover, positive perceptions and trust create loyal customers. Customer loyalty is one of competitive advantages that must be owned by the company. Therefore, you need to find and determine a branding strategy that is in line with the company’s goals and the things you want to achieve through the business you run.

Knowing Branding and Its Benefits in Business

When running a business, of course, you hope that the products and services offered can be considered by people, especially potential customers. There are a lot of ways to give an impression that can be remembered by potential customers, one of them is creating a brand.


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